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I have been involved with our schools since our family moved to Palo Alto in 2004. My wife Elisabeth Einaudi joined the PiE Board soon after we arrived, while I got involved in PTA leadership, serving several years on the PTA executive boards at Terman and Gunn.

I have served for 6 years on the bond program’s Citizens Oversight Committee, 4 years as its chair.  Recently, I chaired the elementary strand of the Superintendent's Enrollment Management Advisory Committee (the EMAC).  Along the way, I've gotten to know most of our school sites and had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of district leaders, principals, teachers, parents, students, and community members.

I'm particularly proud that, as an off-shoot of my work on the bond oversight committee, I was able to identify an opportunity to save taxpayers over $800 million in interest costs on our bond program.  I helped form a group of community experts to vet and support a plan to capture these savings, and in 2012, the Board adopted our recommendation.  By gathering data, considering a broad set of options, and bringing in the community, we achieved enormous savings while strengthening the District’s financial foundation.

Family   (back to top)
We have three children. Two are now in college; they attended Briones, Terman, and Gunn. Our youngest, now 16 years old, is severely autistic, and after a few years at Barron Park School, now attends the Morgan Autism Center in San Jose. Our experience with the challenges and opportunities of a special needs child gives me empathy and insight into this critical area of our District’s work.

My parents were educators.  My mom taught junior high English and later became a principal. Working in the Syracuse, NY public schools was the only job she ever had.  My dad was a young lawyer who got hired to teach a class at Syracuse University; he stayed for 40 years and never practiced law again. In my home growing up, teaching and learning were the most important things a person could do.

Community Activities

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  • Palo Alto Girls Softball - board member and coach
  • Juana Run (Barron Park), course monitor (10 years!)

  • Gunn PTSA - Treasurer
  • Terman PTA - Treasurer

  • 2008 School Bond Citizens Oversight Committee, Member, ex-Chair 
  • 525 San Antonio Ad Hoc Committee, Chair 
  • Superintendent's Enrollment Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) - Chair, elementary school sub-committee

  • Building Futures Now (EPA), volunteer adviser
  • DreamCatchers (Palo Alto), volunteer adviser

  • Founder and spokesperson, Strong Schools Bond Tax Rate Committee, which in 2012 successfully urged the PAUSD Board to reset tax rates for the District's bonds.  This action saved our taxpayers over $800 million in interest costs, while increasing the District's fiscal strength for future bond programs.

Professional Activities

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Professionally, I am an investor, and most of my work the last 15 years has involved being an active board member in mid-sized companies.  I have served on over 25 boards, and I know how to be an effective board member: set goals, follow-up, enforce accountability; develop an informed point of view and don't be afraid to speak out; ask important, even "dumb," questions, and insist on good answers. I know how to both challenge and support senior leadership, with a balanced approach focused on getting things done.

Earlier in my career, I worked for several years as a management consultant, working with a wide range of companies.  Prior to business school, I worked in enterprise software and survey research.  You can learn more at my LinkedIn Page



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MBA, Harvard Business School, 1992
BA, Harvard College, Government, 1983

Todd Image

Elisabeth and Todd

Father of three, alumni of Briones, Barron Park, Terman, Gunn, and Morgan Autism Center

Career: 25+ years in technology, management consulting, growth investing

PAUSD: PTA officer; Bond Oversight chair; Enrollment Committee elementary chair; Bond Tax Rate Committee founder and spokesperson

Education: BA, Harvard College, MBA Harvard Business School

Feel free to contact Todd directly at 650-403-2084 or

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