Current & Former Elected Officials

Pat Burt, Palo Alto Mayor

I enthusiastically endorse Todd Collins for school board. Todd brings independent thinking, a willingness to take on important issues, and a construction approach to solving problems that are exactly what the school board needs.

Barb Mitchell, PAUSD Board of Trustees (former)

Todd brings an open-mind, independent perspective and spirit of cooperation to the issues. He will make an outstanding board member.

Barbara Sih Klausner, PAUSD Board of Trustees (former)

In Todd I find an exceptional combination of intellectual rigor and earnest curiosity to understand the perspectives of others. I am impressed by his willingness to move among different interest groups, forge positive relationships, and speak clearly about his observations and priorities. He would be a perfect addition to our school board.

Camille Townsend, PAUSD Board of Trustees

Todd Collins, I thank you so much!

Dana Tom, PAUSD Board of Trustees (former)

Todd's contributions to our district while I was on the school board were exceptionally valuable. He researched an emerging school bond issue and educated the board, which resulted in enormous taxpayer savings.  He is willing to dive deep and understand the complex issues facing our schools.

Ken Dauber, PAUSD Board of Trustees

Todd brings two great strengths to the school board: a long record of passionate commitment to excellent education for every child in our district, and a rock-solid ability to make hard choices based on data and analysis. I'm confident that Todd will work hard to make sure that our education dollars are put to the best possible use, and that our district has great follow-through. Todd will make an excellent school board member and I can't wait for the chance to work with him to put students first.

Grace Mah, Santa Clara County Board of Education

As elementary school subcommittee chair of EMAC, Todd was a leader in guiding a thorough, data-driven, and efficient analysis of elementary school options for managing enrollment. Todd is a thoughtful and respectful school board candidate who listens carefully and considers all options on the table, not taken to bias in his decision-making.

Walt Hays, Palo Alto Tall Tree, San Jose City Councilor (former)

Todd’s strong business background will be important in helping the District maintain a sound fiscal status.  He has also served on several key committees, and in doing so demonstrated his commitment to the District, his knowledge of its workings, and his ability to work with others.

 Liz Kniss, Palo Alto City Council

 Greg Scharff, Vice Mayor, Palo Alto

Eric Filseth, Palo Alto City Council

 Greg Schmid, Palo Alto City Council, PAUSD Trustee (former)

Tom DuBois, Palo Alto City Council

 John Harpootlian, Mayor of Los Altos Hills

 John Radford, Los Altos City Council, Education Committee liaison

 Carolyn Tucher, PAUSD Board of Trustees (former), Palo Alto Tall Tree

 Mike Cobb, Mayor of Palo Alto (former), Palo Alto Tall Tree

 Mandy Lowell, PAUSD Board of Trustees (former)

 Amado Padilla, PAUSD Board of Trustees (former)

 Bern Beecham, Mayor of Palo Alto (former)

 Judy Kleinberg, Mayor of Palo Alto (former)

 Lanie Wheeler, Mayor of Palo Alto (former), Palo Alto Tall Tree


Community Leaders
(Affiliations for identification purposes only)

Barbara Best, Community Leader
Amy Darling, Member PiE Board
Penny Gallo, Chair, Building Futures Now (EPA)
Elaine Hahn, Past Chair, PiE
Sally Kadifa, Community Leader
Karen Gibson, School Community Leader
Lydia Kou, Community Leader
Nancy Krop, School Community Leader
Gwen Luce, Board, Barron Park Association
Muneerah Merchant, Past Executive Director, PiE
Greta Gize Olbrich, School Community Leader
Heather Rose, Chair, Los Altos Hill Education Committee
Karen Saxena, School Community Leader; Founder, Juana Run
Barbara Shufro, Past Chair, PAUSD CAC
Peter Stone, Chair, Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce
Rita Tetzlaff, School Community Leader
Elaine Uang, Co-Founder, Palo Alto Forward
Grace Yu, School Community Leader
Olenka Steciw Villarreal, Founder, Magical Bridge Foundation, Palo Alto Tall Tree


Community Members

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