Newspaper Endorsements are out, and BOTH papers agree:

Re-elect TODD COLLINS for School Board!

Editorial 10/9/20: We recommend Todd Collins for the Palo Alto school board.

DiBrienza and Collins, along with Trustee Ken Dauber, helped lead the board beyond its past divisions…. Collins' financial expertise alone is worthy of his reelection.
Editorial 9/28/20: We recommend Todd Collins … for a second term.

Deserves credit for improving mental health services [and] taking the right steps to help students get counseling. Collins … is the best choice for school board.

Ken Dauber
Ken Dauber, PAUSD Board of Trustees
Todd brings a long record of passionate commitment to excellent education for every child in our district, and a rock-solid ability to make hard choices based on data and analysis. 
Barbara Sih Klausner, PAUSD Board President (former)
In Todd I find an exceptional combination of intellectual rigor and earnest curiosity to understand the perspectives of others. He has been a great addition to our school board. 
Pat Burt, Mayor Palo Alto (former)
I enthusiastically endorse Todd for school board. Todd brings independent thinking, a willingness to take on big issues, and a constructive approach to solving problems that are exactly what the school board needs.
Adrian Fine, Mayor Palo Alto 
Todd has brought transparency, thoughtful decision-making, and a focus on academic excellence to PAUSD and to our students. He’s also been an open and trusted partner with the city, and I encourage you to support him for another four years.

Current and Former Elected Officials
(listed alphabetically)

Melissa Baten Caswell, PAUSD Board of Trustees

Bern Beecham, Palo Alto Mayor (former)

Pat Burt, Palo Alto Mayor (former)

Ken Dauber,  PAUSD Board of Trustees

Shounak Dharap, PAUSD Board Vice President

Tom DuBois, Palo Alto Vice Mayor

Eric Filseth, Palo Alto City Council (former Mayor)

Adrian Fine, Palo Alto Mayor

Barbara Sih Klausner, former PAUSD Board President

Judy Kleinberg, Former Mayor of Palo Alto

Lydia Kou, Palo Alto City Council

Peter Landsberger, Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees

Grace Mah, Santa Clara County Board of Education

Marielena Gaona Mendoza, Ravenswood Board of Trustees

Larry Moody, East Palo Alto City Council

Greg Schmid, Former Vice Mayor of Palo Alto, former PAUSD Trustee

Lanie Wheeler, Former Mayor of Palo Alto, Palo Alto Tall Tree

Gilbert Wong, Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees

Community Leaders

Jill Asher, Executive Director, MagicalBridge Foundation

Sally Bemus, Long-time Palo Alto Resident

Neilson Buchanan, Community Activist

Debra Cen, Founder, WizChinese

Elisabeth Einaudi, Board Member, San Andreas Regional Center

Claude Ezran, Former Chair Human Relations Commission

Audrey Gold, former President, Community Volunteer

Walt Hays, Palo Alto Tall Tree and Community Leader

Gary Hornbeek, Former Bond Oversight Committee Member

Sally Kadifa, Long-time Palo Alto Resident

Mike Kirst, former President, State Board of Education

Arthur Keller, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commissioner (former)

Ed Lauing, Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Planning & Transportation Commissioner

Doria Summa, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commissioner

Randolph Tsien, Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Member

Olenka Villareal, CEO, MagicalBridge Foundation

Ze'ev Wurman, former US Dept. of Education

Monica Yeung Arima, Long-time Palo Alto Resident

And more coming every day!


All titles for identification purposes only


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