My Priorities

Strong Fiscal Management and Oversight – Especially in light of our recent budget shortfall, after record revenue, we need diligence and responsibility in making sure taxpayer's money is well spent. I will work to maintain our strong financial position, prepare for inevitable shifts in our funding streams, and ensure we spend and invest wisely on the things that matter.

Academic Achievement for Every Student – We have outstanding student achievement overall, but we need to look at our students as individuals, not averages. We should strive for at least 1 year’s academic growth for every child, every year.   Closing the achievement gap for minority and low-income students must also be a central goal.

Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being – This has become a mainstream value at our schools, and we have to continue to build on it. We particularly need to increase access to mental health services for our teens. Finally, we need to explore ways to reduce student stress and achieve a healthy balance between fun and achievement.

Data-Driven Decision Making – Debate without data is usually a waste of time. In fact, it's worse, since it can drive people apart. We need to insist on good data to make good decisions, and bring a spirit of cooperation and constructive problem solving to every issue.

Transparency & Trust – The success of the District relies on a foundation of trust with parents, the community, and all our stakeholders. Maintaining that trust requires openness and candor in everything we do, and an unfailing effort to follow through on our commitments.

Todd Image

Father of three, alumni of Briones, Barron Park, Terman, Gunn, and Morgan Autism Center

Career: 25+ years in technology, management consulting, growth investing

PAUSD: PTA officer; Bond Oversight chair; Enrollment Committee elementary chair; Bond Tax Rate Committee founder and spokesperson

Education: BA, Harvard College, MBA Harvard Business School

Feel free to contact Todd directly at 650-403-2084 or

Paid for by Todd Collins for School Board 2016  (FPPC ID 1384953) | Photos courtesy Felipe Munera Savino (except as noted)

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